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Hi everyone, many of these websites may either have Powered By: Web Designs By Lynn or Discovery Towers Multimedia. This is the USA based web design company that we also do work for on many occasions and you are free to contact to verify our participation.


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We don't list all of our existing clients at their personal request. Many have complained of receiving too many inquiries about us for reference purposes. So please, if you wish to speak to an existing customer of ours, please inquire with us first.


Please be respectful of our valuable clients.


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Sample Sites are simply one page mockups of a custom web design described to us by a potential client/customer. Mockups are created usually within a 24 to 48 hour period and placed on the Internet for review before a decision is made to go forward with our services or not.


This is an ideal opportunity to test our services before they commit to our services.


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Sample Sites are simply one page mockups of a custom web design described to us by a potential client/customer. At one time we would not only do the website but would create a complete branding package. The website, business card, letterhead and even an optional postcard would all be created so the customer would only have to work with one designer.


We still offer this service however is considered an extra feature and may or may-not be included in our custom premium packages.



Please note:  Sometimes when we do a project the client asks us to do the project to a certain point. Then they want to take over and add their own content, images, products etc., so if you see a site that is posted on the Internet and it is incomplete, It's likely that the client has not finished their work on their end. So please don't assume that we have not completed our end of the work unless we specifically say that we are soon to finish.


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Client’s Testimonials

April 22, 2010

Mr. Samples was very convincing and seemed to know what many others did not. We already had a website that we were happy with but wanted to be on the #1 page of Google.  Mr. Samples did not promise us a time frame but did guarantee that we would rank on the #1 page.  Within 3 weeks we not only ranked but found ourselves on the #2 position of Google for our search term phrase. We now receive almost 3 times the amount of traffic we ever received before.

Thank You To The SEO Staff at Discovery Towers Multimedia

Lolly T.
Atlanta, GA

February 10, 2010

Wow is all I can say!  Rich’s staff was very quick and professional. I was told 7-10 days and it only took them 6 days and I only had to make changes to the website once for it to be the way I wanted. Everybody loves our site and we get a lot of compliments now.

We’re very happy with Discovery Towers Multimedia

Kylie and Robert J.
Boston, MA

January 2009

We’ve been with Discovery Towers for almost 3 years now. We just had a second site done and although Rich has had some growing pains he has always been reliable and always there for us.  Rich has become a good friend and we have referred many of our friends and associates to him.  His prices are constant and his work exemplary.

Thank you Rich again for a job well done.

Alan and Christina B.
Chicago, IL