It's All About You Not Us!

Our goal is simply to make this the most efficient, quick, easy and affordable experience you can possibly have! 

We firmly believe in the "Give To Get" Marketing Strategy ..That's why we really do offer a Free Sample Website Service. Just fill out the form on the left.


Step 1


  1. 1. We listen first

  2. 2. Then we provide a "Free-No-Cost, No-Obligation" Sample website

  3. 3. We contact you via email and phone where to view your free sample website

  4. 4. We then give you a couple of days to view your sample site

  5. 5. We then call and ask if you have any questions.

  6. 6. Then we have a brief and quick friendly needs analysis phone meeting

  7. 7. If you like what we have done and like the package we are suggesting and wish to move forward
        a 50% deposit is required

  8. 8. The deposit is typically with credit or check card. We use PayPal and have been using them
        for almost 7 years now with no problems. You are protected if you use PayPal as they have an
        awesome resolution process if for any reason you are not satisfied. So you and your money are protected


Step 2


  1. 1. We then purchase your domain name for you (optional as you may wish to buy your own or already have)

  2. 2. We list you as the registered owner and first contact with us as the technical contact for the domain name

  3. 3. We then direct the domain name to our hosting server (optional)

  4. 4. We then setup your hosting service (FREE) no monthly fees (optional)

  5. 5. We then setup your email accounts for that domain name

  6. 6. We then upload the website (This may be the approved sample site we did for you, or it may be the updated version you have requested)

  7. 7. We then receive any content (text, articles, testimonials etc.) that you wish to provide us.

  8. 8.We then work on one page at a time and upload the information as we receive it and apply it to each page for your preview on the Internet.

  9. 9. DO NOT THINK THAT YOU  NEED TO HAVE ALL OF YOUR CONTENT READY BEFORE YOU START!  This is simply a process that could overwhelm you. Let us recommend what content to start with. Once we get started the process goes quickly and smoothly.

  10. 10. As each page is uploaded to the Internet your responsibility is to view each page from your computer and then send us an email (or phone us) and give us any change requests you may have.

  11. 11. The process is repeated until your satisfaction

  12. 12. Once all pages are uploaded, viewed and approved by you, then we submit your website to the two major search engines, Google and Yahoo. (optional)

  13. 13. At this point the website is complete and the balance is do at this time.

  14. 14. There are no hidden fees or additional costs.

  15. 15. There are no monthly fees

  16. 16. You have a complete active website.

  17. 17. If you choose to have additional website add-ons, those will be discussed in advance and agreed on exactly what you want and how much they cost before any work is done if there is a cost.

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Client’s Testimonials

April 22, 2010

Mr. Samples was very convincing and seemed to know what many others did not. We already had a website that we were happy with but wanted to be on the #1 page of Google.  Mr. Samples did not promise us a time frame but did guarantee that we would rank on the #1 page.  Within 3 weeks we not only ranked but found ourselves on the #2 position of Google for our search term phrase. We now receive almost 3 times the amount of traffic we ever received before.

Thank You To The SEO Staff at Discovery Towers Multimedia

Lolly T.
Atlanta, GA

February 10, 2010

Wow is all I can say!  Rich’s staff was very quick and professional. I was told 7-10 days and it only took them 6 days and I only had to make changes to the website once for it to be the way I wanted. Everybody loves our site and we get a lot of compliments now.

We’re very happy with Discovery Towers Multimedia

Kylie and Robert J.
Boston, MA

January 2009

We’ve been with Discovery Towers for almost 3 years now. We just had a second site done and although Rich has had some growing pains he has always been reliable and always there for us.  Rich has become a good friend and we have referred many of our friends and associates to him.  His prices are constant and his work exemplary.

Thank you Rich again for a job well done.

Alan and Christina B.
Chicago, IL